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Rehearsal photo gallery

SSO_11-3-15_002 Darrell and Andrew.jpg
SSO_11-3-15_020 Ian.jpg
SSO_11-3-15_033 Tim.jpg
SSO_11-3-15_003 Liz Cello.jpg
SSO_11-3-15_066 Elizabeth.jpg
SSO_11-3-15_046 Mike.jpg
SSO_11-3-15_015 Jean M.jpg
SSO_11-3-15_008 Mary.jpg
SSO_11-3-15_090 John.jpg
SSO_11-3-15_009 Hannah.jpg
SSO_11-3-15_103 Brenda.jpg
SSO_11-3-15_101 Phillipa.jpg
SSO_11-3-15_122 Oboe Isabelle.jpg

Soiree Musicale
29th June 2022, 20:30

An evening for our patrons, season ticket holders and friends.  By invitation only....

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